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Update: USM Haller System Measure vs. Real Measure - What you should know!

You need spare parts for your design classic from USM Haller? But now you are faced with the question: System size? Real size? Where is the difference? And how do I measure my furniture correctly to know what I need? We'll explain it to you.

USM Haller Systemmaß vs. Realmaß


The measure of all things

Of course, not all of us deal with the topic of system furniture full-time, so no one can assume that you are familiar with the technical terms. But how do you proceed if you want to quickly replace a scratched tube in an online store and have no more information than what the scale provides when measuring the available tube? For us, this is reason enough to take a closer look at both technical terms!


System dimension

The term "system dimension" stands for the professional USM Haller size units. It is always measured from ball center to ball center to arrive at this dimension.

This means, for example, that a tube with the system dimension 350 is not 350 mm long, but has a length of 332 mm. Here is a small overview:

System dimension

Real measure

100 mm 82 mm
125 mm 107 mm
150 mm 132 mm
175 mm 157 mm
200 mm 182 mm
250 mm 232 mm
275 mm 257 mm
350 mm 332 mm
395 mm 377 mm
500 mm 482 mm
750 mm 732 mm


Real measure

The term "real dimension" stands for the real / exact dimension of the respective individual product. In the case of a built-in element, you measure the length or width of the respective product here.

For example, an external shelf with the system dimension 500 x 350 mm does not have a length of 500 mm and a width of 350 mm, but as an individual product has a length of 482 mm and a width of 332 mm.


Absolute measure

The term "absolute dimension" stands for the dimensions that are measured from the outermost point of the furniture to the nearest outermost point for the installed elements. This is the maximum extension of your existing piece of furniture.

This means that, for example, a shelf with leveling feet with the system dimension 750 x 350 x 350 mm, does not have this dimension but the "Absolute dimension" of 786 x 390 x 386 mm (width x height x depth). These dimensions are important if your furniture is to fit into an existing niche.


Any questions?

We hope we could give you a good overview of the differences between the various dimensions. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail at or by phone at +49 911 148 888 00. We are very happy to be there for you!

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