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Spring is advancing and at Swissmobilia the Easter Sale is now just around the corner. Benefit from 15% discount on our SYSTEM 01 Collection and also get 10% discount on our spare and single parts for USM Haller.


the modular system furniture for your home and office!

New Year's resolutions are also a must in 2022. Whether they concern your body or your surroundings, it's best to start with resolutions that you can make in the comfort of your own home. Redesign your rooms and enjoy the new living feeling! Fulfill your long-awaited furnishing dreams with SYSTEM 01 and enjoy modularity, flexibility and the finest design aesthetics.
On February 14, we celebrate the day of love with you - surprise your sweetheart with a SYSTEM 01 shelf in the color ruby red!
The year has just begun and we kick things off with the 2022 home trends! In the areas of fashion, lifestyle and interior, these change annually. In this post, we'd like to introduce you to some of the new interior trends and show you how to best incorporate them into your home.
You could already learn a lot about the features and design of our modular shelving system. Now it's time to introduce you to the product designer of SYSTEM 01. Lukas Bauer has answered exciting questions about the system shelf and his work in product development.
The year is drawing to a close and, as befits December, we at Swissmobilia also have an Advent calendar for you. On our social media Instagram profile, we open a little door every day. Behind it are great surprises and prizes from the best cooperation partners we could find.
Uncompromising satisfaction is the goal of SYSTEM 01. But what actually speaks for the system furniture? We will give you three meaningful reasons. Let us convince you of the possibilities that SYSTEM 01 brings with it.
The SYSTEM 01 not only impresses with its noble design, but also has several other benefits in store for you. The highlights of the shelving system are the innovative connecting elements, the modern lock handle, the high-quality leveling feet and the variety of shelves. Below you will find important product information about the SYSTEM 01 collection.
The Swissmobilia team presents: The SYSTEM 01 shelving system!
After a long time, Swissmobilia's first, own shelving system is finally available in our online store. After several creative designs, the unique construct that skillfully combines style and functionality is ready. With a selection of high quality materials and a lot of passion, the plan became reality. Welcome SYSTEM 01!
You want to bring a breath of fresh air into your home and remodel your design classics? We will help you with it! Below we explain the main differences of our elements. With this information you are guaranteed to have the right products in your shopping cart!
Clear, pure, puristic - LINE 2101 Canvas. The new trend color has recently joined our product range. The subtle look of the nude color world is already familiar to us from the field of fashion, because the natural style has been trendy for some time! In the field of interior design, the color canvas also shines with the matching interior style. The elegant look is versatile and harmonizes with many interior styles! Below you'll learn how to integrate the nude color world in three of our selected interior styles.
Design products are modern, timeless and high quality. So it is all the more valuable to clean these jewels properly. Already during the development of our products we make sure that we use a powder-coated steel, thus it is protected against rust. With this further information, you will get to know the material steel better and can make your design classics shine again with valuable tips.
3 tips on how to combine the color coral!

You know those days when you just want to bring some fresh air into your home and you just don't know how and what to start with? Oh yeah, I feel like that all the time and that's why maybe I can inspire you a little bit. Further down in this post, you'll learn how to incorporate the color coral into your home....
You do not know which tool set you need? You have questions about how to use our products?
No problem - in our blog you will learn everything about our tool sets and how to use our products!
The majority of Germans love the color blue. Why is this color so popular?
The Easter holidays are approaching with great strides. We show you how to bring home the perfect Easter basket and the most beautiful decorations with the CHASPER Collection. #timeforspring
And that was not all! Still looking for the perfect spring decor for your home or office? With a little luck, win a Chasper Toolbox Set - comment now and win!
May we introduce to you: The CHASPER Toolbox Collection by Swissmobilia! The Chasper Toolbox by Swissmobilia designer Lukas Bauer is a practical storage solution in which both smart everyday helpers from the office and personal accessories can be organized and stored.
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